Slings & Arrows / Shakespeare online

Laura and I learned about Slings and Arrows from reading Fire up Netflix; you need to see the first two seasons of ‘Slings and Arrows’ before third starts.
We took up Tim Goodman’s advice and have been working ourselves through
seasons 1 and 2. Watching the actors recite Shakespeare makes me want
to commit more texts to memory.

BTW, how does one link to a specific spot in Shakespeare’s plays? I see
the use of an Act/Scene/line number reference system. Is that
prevalent? For instance, I see from Hamlet
that the beginning of Hamlet’s “To be, or not to be: that is the
question:” is Act III, Scene i, line 64. What versions of Shakespeare’s
text are in use? (In looking for ways to link directly to Hamlet, I
found main, which an image of the 2nd Folio of Hamlet, III.i.)