PIM 2020: Creating a better personal information manager

I would like to create a next-generation personal information manager (codename: “PIM 2020”) that lets users focus on what's most important to them. I’m convinced that our computers can do so much more to help us understand our own thought processes and actions in the world and thereby focus ourselves. A central challenge is to develop a plan that targets a specific doable and economically viable service.

I need to articulate a compelling vision of the distinctive elements of PIM 2020. Why do I want to create personal digital dashboards presented in desktop apps, smartphone apps, and web browsers? How will the dashboard be backed by cloud computing, data integration, and machine learning?

I suspect that I will need to find a day job (or a portfolio of gigs, paid and unpaid) that will provide me some useful skills, experiences, or contacts. At the very least, the job should allow sufficient emotional and creative space for me to plot my next-generation PIM in my off-hours.