Phillip Johnson and intelligent design profiled in the East Bay Express

I saw the cover of the July 27, 2005 issue of the East Bay Express this morning. Phillip Johnson, known widely as the the father of the "intelligent design movement", is featured in the issue. I actually know Phil as a fellow elder at my own congregation, someone I see every Sunday morning.

What I actually think about ID is a topic for an essay some other day!

Are these “real women”?

Are these "real women"?

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I saw this display all over the Powell Street BART station. It's hardly news that Dove would use scantily clad women to advertise its products. What I find more surprising is that these women are held to be exemplars of "real women" (as opposed to supermodels). OK, they aren't skin-on-bones type supermodels, but I would hardly think of these bodies as those of the typical consumer of Dove producs.

See for yourself. Dove:

Firming the thighs of a size 2 supermodel is no challenge. Real Women have real bodies with real curves. And Dove wants to celebrate those curves.

Join these six real women who were asked to be in our ad campaign for NEW Dove® Firming. Get to know more about them and their experiences with the campaign. Help by telling more women to stand tall and celebrate their curves.

reading the quote about Lucille Isaiah, Laura, and myself in Tele-care article

East Bay: Lunch brings Tele-Care volunteers and clients face to face:

Raymond Yee, a volunteer caller for five years, brought his new wife Laura Shefler to meet Lucille Isaiah of Alameda, whom he calls on Saturdays to check on her well-being.

"I sweet-talk your husband," Isaiah told Shefler. "Don't worry, I won't steal him away."