Letter to Albany City Council to Use Automatic Captioning for City Meetings on YouTube

Email I sent to citycouncil@albanyca.org

To make the meetings of City of Albany more accessible, please turn on auto captioning for all the city meetings that are streamed via the Albany KALB YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/AlbanyKALB/videos). With automatic captioning, even when it is not perfect, viewers can then more easily make sense of many hours of meetings by searching and reading transcripts.  It's a helpful measure in the absence of high fidelity transcripts or minutes generated by a human note-taker.

I noticed that many of the videos are already closed captioned but not all of them. When I went through the list of all the videos since July 2020, I found the following videos were not captioned:
whereas the majority were captioned:
Please turn on automatic captioning for all videos from now on.
-Raymond Yee