Doing ok — just busy

I've been struggling to do much public writing (though I've been hard at work writing reports). That's why it may seem that I have dropped off the face of the world -- at least from the perspective of someone who sees me primarily through my blog.

I used to promise that I would be back in the saddle in my blogging, that I would be regularly writing. That remains the goal. I just won't promise to do until I know I am able to deliver.

Roller Coaster of Emotions

I've been amazed with the intense ups and downs of emotion that I've been experiencing the last several months. At the highest of high moments, I feel as though the world had become suddenly transparent, all complications melt away, barriers to change crumble as I can effortlessly jump up to a new plane of existence. At the low moments, the bad old things not only re-emerge but do so with a haunting vigorous condemnation; I then feel all-too-limited and frail. This morning, I'm learning to move ahead with a quieter contentment that is sober and resolute.

Writing in the morning

In the past, I have found writing very early in the morning to be a very productive and rewarding discipline. I've been spending time far away from such a habit but decided last night to attempt a return this morning. So here I am, trying to write. Surprising revelation: nothing comes immediately!

It feels like summer!

As we were flying in last night from Boston at about 8:15pm, the sunlight was still illuminating the hills, valleys, and waterways of the Bay. Light and shadow that late in the day! I was really happy to come back home -- although my time in Boston and the Albany area was quite wonderful. Actually, wonderful is not quite the right word -- since it does not do justice to the richness of the time away. More later perhaps....