Car on fire? No: just steam

Car on fire? No: just steam

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When I pedalled to the left side of this truck, I noticed smoke that I thought was coming from the truck itself. I figured that I should turn around to figure out what was happening so that I could report it to the police. It seemed to me that smoke was pouring out of the exhaust pipe. When I called Berkeley emergency, the first question I was asked was whether the burning car was on Oxford. When I said yes, the dispatcher informed me of the steam vent beside the car.

I was a bit embarrassed with my mistake. I would have been even more embarrassed if I had not reported a burning car that exploded!

long, engaging, sad article about Iris Chang

This morning, I read Historian Iris Chang won many battles. The war she lost raged within. Like many, I was shocked at the news of her suicide. The article provided me at least some of the answers to how a brilliant, active, vibrant woman could kill herself. Of course, many of the answers that we all want continues to elude us.

Face transformation application

Face transformer image upload:

    The Face Transformer is a fun toy only, and is not guaranteed fit for any purpose, implied or otherwise. The Perception Laboratory and the University of St Andrews accepts no responsibility for loss or damage incured while using this software.

Starting with the following original picture (which I classified as representing an "East Asian", "young adult" male):

original picture:  'young adult'

I got the following derivative pictures:

'Botticelli' version of RY

'' version of RY

'baby' version of RY

'Afro-Caribean' version of RY

'child' version of RY

'drunk' version of RY

'El.Greco' version of RY

'feminized' version of RY

'Manga' version of RY

RY as painted by 'Modigliani'

RY as an 'old adult'

RY as a 'teen'

RY as 'West Asian'

RY as 'Caucasian'

I burst out laughing when I first saw the "ape man" rendition:

'' version of RY

Whose reply card?

Whose reply card?

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With great excitement, Laura and I have been anticipating replies to our wedding invitation. We were hoping that folks would think to write their names on the cards, even though the instructions were vague. Last Saturday we got a card postmarked from Oakland indicating that 2 persons will be coming -- but without any name. Anyone out there claim that card?