Readers, come back!

Why can't I seem to get some momentum
going in my
? It has not been for the lack of saying, "Let me
try again. I promise, dear readers, this time will be different."
Although my weblogs have been very sleepy, I am succeeding in writing
in my wiki in an
almost daily fashion. Yeah! In quite a few ways, I find the wiki to
be a publishing environment more conducive to my way of working. I
like the way in which I can accumulate materials in a logical,
networked way much more easily than I could in a blog. Certainly, I
found that my wiki was missing a chronological framing, which I have
half-heartedly shoehorned into my wiki with the "Daily
. (I say shoehorned because the navigational
structures are currently very weak.)

So with my wikis going so well, why not just drop my blogs?
Weblogs are perhaps an easier way to navigate the chronological
aspects of my online presence. My weblogs could provide another layer
of redaction. The wiki -- at least the way I use it -- is a messier
place. I did not want everyone to have to follow the muck if they did
not want to. Moreover, the separate personal and professional weblogs
was a big attempt to distinguish my personal and private worlds. The
wiki conflates the two. I have thought about building a personal and
private wiki -- and that might still happen -- but for the moment,
maintaining two wikis for the personal/private split is too much
work. (That is not to say, however, that I won't want to spin off ad
hoc wikis or ones for the Scholar's Box, a group project.)

Also I had the idea of "publishing" my pieces, freezing
them when I ported them to my blog. By default, I have left pages on
my wiki open for constant re-editing. Freezing things is sometimes
helpful. Maintaining a two-tier web presence meant writing stuff
first in my wikis and then transfer/repurpose materials for my
weblogs. That's where things did not work out as desired.

I think that something can be done about this problem. I think
that the big problem was that I did not leave enough time for the
editing and republishing process. I want to see now whether I can

A happy consequence of a better workflow would be solving the
continual phenomenon of de
creation of blog entries. I don't seem to have any problems
with writing on my wiki. But when I sat down to blog immediately, I
froze. There was too much pressure I was putting on myself to write
really good stuff without giving myself room to doodle and noodle.