Maxwell and memories

Last Sunday, while listening to the sermon at church, I tried to remember Maxwell's equations.
Years have passed since I last thought at any great depth about
electromagnetism while I was pursuing my Ph.D. in biophysics. Now I can
barely remember them. There's no going back, really. Not that want to
go back to a career in the sciences. But I do wish to know more about
the latest in my erstwhile field. I do flip through Scientific American, Nature, Science, and Physics Today but only sporadically and with little forethought.

Books on the Daily Show

I like catching up with The Daily Show With Jon Stewart every so often on the web. This morning, I noted with surprise the high profile of the authors who show up on the show as well as the quality of some of the interviews. For instance, I found watching the May interview with Francis Fukuyama concerning his new book America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy
informative and entertaining; I always wondered what Fukuyama sounds
like and looks like and how he puts forth his ideas when interviewed.