Notelets for 2006.10.23

I'm quite pleased that Dave Gustafson has released EccoTools
as an open source Python library for manipulating Ecco Pro. He was kind
enough to let me use earlier versions of his code a while back. His
officially releasing his code into the public makes it easier for me to
share whatever little utilities I've written.

Laura is right: It's time for me to write a chapter from my Book. The
one that occurs to me is the one on maps. Then the chapter on blogging.

The Complete Novels of Jane Austen

The Complete Novels of Jane Austen

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Though I've not actually read any of Jane Austen's novels, I almost gave into a strong and irrational impulse to borrow the 1200 page compilation of the complete novels of Austen. Kinda odd if I consider that if just one of her novels had been on the shelf, I would have passed over it without notice. My best understanding is that I fall easily for the easy prospect of completeness -- that holding all the novels in my hands was more important than actually reading any one novel.

I'm fortunate that I'm not such a dilettante in all areas of life, though it's a continuing challenge not to distract myself too much with indulging in the world's potentialities.

Notelets for 2006.10.17

Google Maps on Treo is cool. I can't say I've seen such a beautifully interactive mobile app before.

Is there any way to get better meetings to happen where we work? I should study 10 Steps To Better Meetings
to see how to improve meetings that I run. It seems harder to find
hints on how to be an effective meeting participant for meetings that
one doesn't facilitate. OK, maybe I've found something. Participating in Meetings is a pretty good list, one that reminds me that I can be a better behaved participant myself.

I figured out how to get my Macbook Pro from dimming: Intel-based Macs: Built-in display dims before sleep