We are in Pittsburgh

Laura and I flew from Oakland to Pittsburgh yesterday so that we can celebrate our wedding with some Pittsburgh friends and family who couldn’t make it to our California wedding in May. It’s muggy here but not so bad as I thought it would be. At any rate, it’s wonderful to have a change of scene.

Yay to Kris and Shirley

Yay!!! My sister Shirley and brother-in-law Kris made it into the New York Times:

The New York Times > Business > Your Money > The Goods: Leaping a Cubicle in a Single Bound:

    Mr. Schantz stressed, however, that Mr. Dunn was just one of dozens of visual inspirations for BossMan. Ms. Yee and Mr. Schantz sifted through hundreds of corporate snapshots to find the right qualities for the six-inch, $15.99 action figure that made its debut – along with a model named MoneyMan – in December.