MIC-06-3 OpenContext, iSamples, Solr, OpenAPI consumering clients

I have code in open-context-jupyter/notebooks/OC Explorations.ipynb at ee9bae594bb6a7bcc951425fd58e10804f1ad369 · rdhyee/open-context-jupyter for querying https://iscaws.isample.xyz/isamples_central/thing/select using the requests library. I\'m wondering whether it\'d be useful to use 1) django-haystack/pysolr: Pysolr --- Python Solr client (whose maintainer is [busy but still on the case](Is there a new release for pysolr? · Issue · django-haystack/pysolr)) or 2) one of the openapi client generators to ingest https://iscaws.isample.xyz/isamples_central/openapi.json? If 2), it seems like there are at least three actively maintained libraries to choose from (openapi-coreopenapi-python-client, and apispec):

Any guidance about which might be the fruitful option?

What I decided after talking to a colleague about this issue: I think I'll keep going with my simple requests approach as I get my brain warmed up again with solr and stay away from the code-generator options for now (and maybe for a while!)