MIC-06-5 Digging into Jupyter widgets, specifically pyleaflet

As I work on integrating data across the different sources in iSamples, I'm getting my brain back into using Jupyter widgets. A place I chose to start was ipyleaflet: Interactive maps in the Jupyter notebook — ipyleaflet documentation, a wrapper around the awesome Leaflet - a JavaScript library for interactive maps.

The first I tried was to run the demo that uses JupyterLite -- but got an error. When I went to report the problem, I saw that the bug had been noted months ago.

No problem. Next up was cloning the repo and running the examples. I picked one that caught my eye -- the one to load KML into leaflet. Unfortunately, the demo didn't work out of the box with the current version of pyleaflet. I was able to make the simple fix and issued a pull request: fix examples/KML.ipynb to work with recent versions of geopandas by rdhyee · Pull Request #1141 · jupyter-widgets/ipyleaflet

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