MIC-06-4 Protocols in Python

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There are various "protocols" in Python -- interfaces involving the implementation of certain methods to fulfill a protocol. For example the iterator protocol is implemented via __iter and __next. Confirm what I just wrote and also tell me about other protocols. I understand there is a sequence protocol and a container protocol. True? What other ones?

I got the answer from perplexity.ai:

Yes, you\'re correct about the iterator protocol in Python. It is
implemented via the __iter__ and __next__ methods. An object is considered an iterator in Python if it implements these two

In addition to the iterator protocol, Python also has other protocols
such as the sequence protocol and the container protocol.The sequence protocol is implemented by defining methods
like __getitem__ and __len__. The __getitem__ method is used to get an element at a specific index, and the __len__ method is used to get the number of elements in the sequence. Other methods that can be part of the sequence protocol
include __contains____iter____reversed__, and

The container protocol is less clearly defined in the Python
documentation, but it generally refers to methods that allow an object to store other objects and provide ways to access and manipulate them. This can include methods like __contains____iter__, and __len__, similar to the sequence protocol

There are also other protocols in Python. For example, the async
iterator protocol, which is similar to the iterator protocol but used
for asynchronous iteration. It is implemented via the __aiter__ and __anext__ methods

Another example is the protocol for numerical types, which includes
like __add____sub____mul____truediv____floordiv____mod____divmod____pow____neg____pos____abs____invert____complex____int____float____round____trunc____floor____ceil__, and more. These methods allow an object to behave like a numerical value and interact with other numerical values in a meaningful way.There are many more protocols in Python, and they are a powerful tool for creating objects that interact with built-in Python constructs in a natural way. However, there doesn\'t seem to be a comprehensive list of all protocols in the Python documentation

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