How to embrace thoughtful limits on using digital technology?

On Sunday, as I listened to What are smartphones doing to young people? – Home | The Sunday Edition | CBC Radio, I patted myself on the back for consciously reducing my usage of my smartphone on Sunday in favor of reading paper books. I’m not a teenager, but adults like myself struggle with using their digital tech a bit too much too.

Maybe I would have been better off leaving my phone at home when I went to church or hitting the power switch, but I think the baby steps are good for now. I did manage to read large sections of The New York Times and about 100 pages of Alias Grace. Not the perfect idyllic non-digital Sunday that could be what the doctor ordered, but a tiny paper-based oasis nontheless. (It’s a bit ironic that I read with appreciation Our Love Affair With Digital Is Over on my phone before I got my hands on the newsprint.)

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