Managing and sharing your photos

One of the most emotionally resonant digital tasks that many of us, including seniors, love to do is taking, managing, and sharing photos. There is a lot to say about this topic. I have my own workflow involving my Android phones for taking photos, Flickr (and now Google Photos) for storage, and Facebook (primarily) for sharing. I’ve not been totally happy with this workflow and am working to change it. I’m looking for workflows that will work for a wide range of people using many different devices, software wanting to satisfy many different needs.

I am learning a lot from friends on Facebook about what they do with digital photos, including using Nixplay photo frames, sharing photos on iOS using iOS – Photos – Apple, broadcasting photos to a TV using Chromecast. I’m working on distilling those ideas. Just as I was about to buy a Nixplay frame, I see that from the comment section for The Best Digital Photo Frame: Wirecutter Reviews how complicated the various technical solutions can actually be. What’s new there?

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