MIC01-2: Hacking on a pandoc reader and writer for Bike

When I get deep into programming, I find it difficult to do anything else that is intellectually demanding. Yesterday, I wrote briefly about the overall context for MyInfoNet and how I want to focus on automating system clipboards and browsers. However, what I am actually hacking on today is taking the next steps on moving text between two applications: Obsidian and Bike. Using some technical shorthand, I posted last week a paragraph explaining what I'm up to:

Thanks for this really interesting thread. I have some work in progress (that’s not ready for prime time) that is related to the work here: I have a rough draft of a Python library that converts .bike documents into the Pandoc JSON representation of its AST using lxml and panflute. I’ve put my draft in my own rdhyee_utils Python library – so it’s rough and not been packaged to useful to others yet: https://github.com/rdhyee/rdhyee_utils/blob/master/rdhyee_utils/bike/bikeformat.py. You can see also my work so far in writing a Python library to talk to Bike using AppleScript, or my precisely the deprecated, though still very useful, appscript 1https://github.com/rdhyee/rdhyee_utils/blob/master/rdhyee_utils/bike/init.py. More later once I get my work polished up (and after I get a draft on a pandoc bike writer)

I was hoping to narrate the technical details of my programming as I worked but didn't end up doing so. (I'm still mastering my writing and programming workflow.)

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