Notelets for 2006.12.02

The East Is West: The Best Chinese Restaurants in Southern California – New York Times:

    THERE are probably more Chinese in Los Angeles
    than in any metropolitan area outside of China. (The same very likely
    could be said of Mexicans, Iranians, Koreans, Japanese and more, which
    is what makes Los Angeles the best international eating city in the
    world.) Fifty years ago, most Chinese immigrants were concentrated in a
    typical downtown Chinatown, which still exists, but more as a relic
    than a vibrant community.

100 Notable Books of the Year – The New York Times Book Review – New York Times.

Berkeley poet Lerner writes from heartland:

    It can be challenging to convince students that
    reading and writing are inextricable, that writing is just a very
    intense form of reading, as Wallace Stevens said.

Rebecca Loudon: Wallace Stevens once said that the act of writing poetry was actually a very intense form of reading.

What’s the actual Wallace Stevens quote?