What I need vs what I want

I’m having a hard time accepting that I need long stretches of quiet
contemplation to become truly centered and grounded. I just wish it
weren’t true. I wish I could instantly jump from one situation to
another with effortless “context switching” and be fully immersed in
each task from the start. Isn’t that the dream of a society hooked on
“continuous partial attention”? I’ve been attracted to the “Getting
Things Done” system for that reason. As the Wikipedia explains:

    GTD rests on the principle that you have to get
    things out of your head and recorded into a system you can trust. That
    way, your mind is freed from the job of remembering everything that you
    need to do, and can concentrate fully on actually doing those things.

GTD has certainly helped me get better organized, but it hasn’t been a
panacea. I don’t blame GTD for my problem since it never promised to
let me squeeze five elephants into a clay jar. Instead of aspiring to
grow large enough to envelope elephants, I need to accept that I am
just an ordinary clay jar.