Last day before vacation

“I know I should exercise more” is a continually reoccuring thought. I renewed my membership to the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF)
but have yet to show up. Obviously, just paying money is insufficient
to get me to the gym. I will have to do something in the new year. In
the meantime, while I’m in Toronto and Pittsburgh, I plan to be active,
to walk around as much as I can. Such exercise will be important given
the holiday- and family-sanctioned overeating that is bound to happen.

Lots of wrapping up to do today. Laura and I get on a 7am(!) flight to
Toronto tomorrow morning. At least, we’re on a direct Air Canada
flight, which means that food will be served to us and we won’t have to
stumble around a third airport.

Getting the right presents (or even any presents at all) lined up for
Christmas is a task we will have to complete in Toronto. I have
considered setting up wireless networks at my parents’, sister’s, and
mother-in-law’s places, but who would those wireless networks really be
for? (Should my family be game, I’ve printed out 4 steps to set up your home wireless network as a guide.)

Besides, should I be on the computer that much while I’m on holiday?
I’ve not worked out a way yet to make sure I get a good rest (which
I’ll surely need for 2006) while still getting enough pieces in place
for my spring course.