Busy last week before vacation

It’s the last week before the holidays, and not surprisingly, there’s a
lot to do! Not only are there major strategic decisions to be made but
also taking care of the business of daily life. (For instance, it felt
good to dig up my latest credit card bills and pay them this morning.
The Getting Things Done system is supposed to keep me on top of tasks
large and small, but I need to intervention of a higher power and
intelligence to get me back on track with GTD.)

Children Learn by Monkey See, Monkey Do. Chimps Don’t. – New York Times:

    Mr. Lyons sees his results as evidence that humans
    are hard-wired to learn by imitation, even when that is clearly not the
    best way to learn. If he is right, this represents a big evolutionary
    change from our ape ancestors. Other primates are bad at imitation.
    When they watch another primate doing something, they seem to focus on
    what its goals are and ignore its actions.