Notelets for 2005.11.30

I’m intrigued that Lynn points to some articles from Wired since I myself am a subscriber to the magazine:

Anyway, Wired had some great articles including “Why $5 gas is good for America”


Stan Berenstain, Children’s Book Author, Dies at 82 – New York Times. I learned about the Berenstain Bears by hanging out kids the last eight years.

Kansas Prof. Apologizes for E-Mail:

    Mirecki’s e-mail was sent Nov. 19 to members of
    the Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics, a student
    organization for which he serves as faculty adviser.

    “The fundies (fundamentalists) want it all taught in a science class,
    but this will be a nice slap in their big fat face by teaching it as a
    religious studies class under the category mythology.”

    Mirecki addressed the message to “my fellow damned” and signed off
    with: “Doing my part to (tick) off the religious right, Evil Dr. P.”