Notelets for 2005.11.23

Late yesterday afternoon, my left ankle started to hurt after I got up
from sitting at my desk for an hour. I thought it strange since I
walked a lot yesterday with no problem. Had I sprained my ankle without
even being aware of it? At any rate, I am trying to put into practice
the treatment suggested at Ankle Sprain – treatment and exercise and hope for the best.

Underground, but not unconnected — BART offers wireless service to riders. I myself wasn’t able to connect via the SprintPCS service on Tuesday. Hmmm.

On Sunday, I enjoyed reading: – Daou Report:

THE STRAW MEN OF IRAQ: Ten Pro-War Fallacies
Friday’s hastily staged congressional vote on withdrawal from Iraq may have been designed
to embarrass John Murtha, but the raucous session offered valuable
insight into the various rationales for war and the tactics used to
attack Democrats who oppose Bush’s Iraq policy. A parade of House
Republicans went after the Dems and laid out a surprisingly weak case
for the invasion and continued occupation of Iraq. Here, in my view,
are ten of the leading pro-war fallacies…