A Flickr gathering in SF last night

Laura and I attended the Flickr demo @ the San Francisco Apple Store last night. As often happens, intense interaction online leads to a desire to get together in the same room. I was very curious to see who would be folks like us who would take the time and effort to see with our eyes not only the staff of Flickr but also our fellow Flickrites. Laura and I didn’t want to rush to make the 6pm start time. Neither did we stay on for drinks at 111 Minna.

Below is my sparse collection of pictures of the event. Because my own pocket 5MP Pentax is at the shop right now, I was largely abstaining from what was predictably the most commonly engaged activity in the room: snapping photos of the event. When I did have the urge, I was left taking low resolution, badly lit cameraphone pictures:

SF Apple Store

superhero presenting her photos

Andrea Sher (aka superhero)

Laura taking pictures at SF Apple Store

Stewart and Eric

Stewart Butterfield in front of uploaded pictures

A note on tagging pictures for the event. Since I hadn’t seen any requests to tag photos of the event in a certain manner along with the announcement of the event, I was wondering how to tag my pictures. By consulting the list of hot tags from the last 24 hours, I figured that ‘sflickr’ must be the tag folks have been using. By looking at Flickr: Photos tagged with sflickr, I learned that sflickr has been used to tag pictures associated with the San Francisco Flickr User Group, which has been having meetings, including an upcoming one Upcoming.org tomorrow. Because the sflickr tag is generic (see clusters of photos marked by ‘sflickr’), I wanted a way to mark photos from just last night. Upon a cursory search, I didn’t see anyone tagging pictures from last night in a way to distinguish them from other meetups, I decided to use sflickr20050802 as a way of doing so.