Fluidity is a tough thing to accomplish at times

Laura wrote:

ugh, I need to start writing here more often, and at greater length, because I’m losing my fluidity and my sense of my own voice. I want to follow up on Raymond’s wonderful piece on the presentation by Neil Brand, which he and friends Ildi and Peter and I attended on Saturday night. I’m having so much trouble composing that I’ve been making notes in MS word and shuffling them around, the way I used to when I was on deadline. One thing I like about blogging is that I don’t usually have to do that–so I’d better get back into practice.

I sympathize….I find that blogging is a game of inertia — though not exactly of the Newtonian type. A body in motion stays in motion; a body at rest stays at rest. I know how fluid Laura’s writing can be — so I look forward to the return of words to her blog!